Thursday, 10 March 2016

Why Gota Patti Lehenga for Bridal wear

In an Indian wedding, the women can even spend months deciding what to wear. However, the most time consuming and difficult decision to make wedding dress of the bride. She is the center of attention and her outfit is which matters the most. For an Indian bride, especially the north Indian bride, the priority of a bride is Lehenga – a combination of blouse (Choli), long skirt Lehenga), and stole (Dupatta).
Lehenga has been in trend for our generations. Wedding fashion changes from one season to the other and therefore it is important to keep up with the latest trends in bridal Lehengas. Nowadays the latest trend is GotaPatti bridal Lehenga.
GotaPatti is an embroidery design which uses beauty to add shimmer and glitz to an outfit. It’s an embroidery form that originated in Rajasthan and has been the priority of the bridal closet. The style has taken over the ramps at all fashion shows and has also made its way to the real wedding functions. It can be paired with any color to add some sparkle and sizzle to your style.
Young bride in India and across the world love to flaunt Gota Patti work on heavy Lehengas for her weeding. The gold or silver pieces of ribbon are cut into fine pieces of string in order to form minute motifs such as flowers, leaves, birds, images and other patterns.
GotaPatti Bridal Lehenga a type of Lehengas which has metal embroidery originated in Rajasthan, India. The cities of Jaipur, Kota Bikaner, Ajmer and Udaipur are the epicenter of uniquely styled Gota work. These Lehengas are made using appliqué technique with metals like gold, silver, copper etc. In Rajasthan, Gota work is extensively done on bridal Lehengas. Outfits adorned with Gota Patti work are popularly worn at auspicious an function that’s why Gota Patti Lehengas is considered best for weeding purpose because for a bride weeding is most important and auspicious occasion. GotaPatti work is what one looks for when they want to look elegant and stylish, besides being ethnic and that’s how a bride wants to look on her wedding day. GotaPatti work looks spectacular on bridal Lehenga also gives a more vintage appeal. The GotaPatti work on bridal Lehenga sets it apart from what the brides round the country wear on their wedding day.
GotaPatti has attractive patterns which are specific to the region and each motif has its own distinguishing name.  GotaPatti creates a rich and heavy look but is yet light to wear. A Bride wants to look beautiful, full of color and best on her wedding day that’s what GotaPatti gives.
Style Fortune has magnificent; collection of what every bride-to be dreams of. This refreshing collection of GotaPatti Lehenga is tailor made for the new-age Indian bride who doesn’t want to be bogged down by elaborate embroideries and cumbersome flounces on her wedding day. Apart from the much-in-demand reds and pinks, Style Fortune has an array of outfits in calming shades of lime, aqua blue, cream and peach GotaPatti work on bridal Lehenga which sets it apart from what the brides round the country wear on their wedding day to make the day best day of life.

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