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How to Wear Indian Lehenga

In India, there is great excitement to celebrate every occasion, festivals and every memorable event. To purpose your appearance has to be special and center of attraction. So, we are offering various collections of dresses.

Wedding season is always on full swing, and we all love this time of year because it gives us more reason to dress up. We all want to look our best and different than others in the wedding, but if you see the kind of attire we can choose from then the choice is very limited Sari, Indian  salwar kameez or Indian Lehenga we mostly wear one of this. All of these Lehenga is most gorgeous wear for your special occasion.

What makes the difference is how we style it. Indian Lehenga is a costly dress, and other then weddings we don’t really get chance to wear it many times, however wearing the same lehenga again and again is boring and no one wants to do that. Lehenga simply tie on lower wrest part But if dupatta is draped differently it can change the whole look and can fetch you many compliments too. Let’s try something new and interesting. Let’s check out all the styles one by one.
It is a good option if your dupatta has a lot of work on it and if the blouse is plain this will cover that up. So to get this look tuck one corner of the dupatta in left side of the lehenga as you do for Gujarati / Rajasthani pallu then make pleats and secure it with pin on your right shoulder. Let it fall till your knee. Then take one corner of dupatta and put it on your left shoulder. While doing this make sure you are making a clean V in front. Put a pin to secure the neat V on top side. As the V of dupatta removes the attention from your problem area and makes you look slimmer.

Tie On Wrist:
This one is simple yet elegant style of draping, which gives a bit of royal feel at the same time is very practical to. To do this style pleat the dupatta and keep it on your right shoulder, adjust the length of pallu (little below your knees) and secure with a safety pin as you generally do. Now take the other end of the dupatta and place it such that only the board is visible, fold it around your wrist in a loop and secure it with safety pin. This style also gives you nice posture as you always have something in your hand.

This style of dupatta draping is inspired from the south Indian half sari. In this style dupatta hugs your waist making your waist look more defined and slim. Take one corner of your dupatta and tuck it in at right side of your lehenga. Now let the dupatta wrap your waist, make pleats and secure it with a pin on your left shoulder. Make sure dupatta is making a nice V at back and is tightly wrapped around. This will make you look slimmer, and will hide your problem areas like stomach and waist.

The Bong Touch:
This is inspired by the Bengali saree. Pleat the dupatta and secure it on right shoulder with a pin. Take one corner of dupatta from front side wrap it around your waist and tuck in lehenga. Now take one corner of the back side of dupatta bring it over the left shoulder, pleat it in such a way that only the border is visible. This look is like the Bengali sari look just changed the shoulders.

It looks very modern and interesting. This style if you see from one left side and front looks like Gujarati /Rajasthani pallu (sidha pallu) and from right side and back it looks like the ulta pallu(normal style of sari). To get this look first tuck one corner of dupatta in left side of lehenga then make the pleats and let it go over left shoulder, let it fall till your feet. Now take one corner of the dupatta wrap it around your waist and tuck it on the same place where we tucked the dupatta first on the left side of lehenga. This look is very different and will surly fetch you many compliments.

Cocktail Look:
This look is apt for cocktail parties. To get this look, pleat the dupatta and secure with pin on left shoulder, let it fall till your knee. Take one corner of the dupatta from back side and bring it to front around your waist and tuck it on left side of lehenga. So if you have sweated it out in gym and want to show off your slim waist then go for this look.

Free Dupatta Look:
Tuck one corner of the dupatta on left side of the lehenga, then bring the dupatta on top of the left shoulder, pin it. Take one corner of the dupatta and wrap it around you and tuck at back side. This will cover up your all your problem area and flaunt the beauty of your dupatta.

Hope you all liked these looks and will try them out too. That’s all for today, stay stylish and rock this wedding season.

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